Moringa Puffs

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Vegan Rob’s® moringa puffs are amazing! Moringa Comes from the upside down tree in Africa. It’s a drought resistant super food that provides so many good things for everyone and the flavor and crunch is delicious!

Our puffs are made from sorghum, Another drought resistant crop that Can grow with minimal water, And that has great flavor and crunch. Watch us feed the world. Each bag is made with love and heart!

We bring this great Moringa snack to you and your Family. We hope you enjoy our modern snacks That satisfy your crunchy needs. Vegan Rob’s® is with you on your journey To wholesome snacking. Advocate for us on social media. We hear you and know you want to feel good!

Moringa Puffs



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12 / 3.5oz bags, 24 / 1.25oz bags