Veganism is Changing the World One Snack at a Time

It's time to join the tastiest revolution to rise up from the shelves of prepackaged foods and microwave meals! Plant-based diets are taking over our pantries. More and more health-focused consumers are turning to the herbivore life for ethical, sustainable nutrition that's good for people and the planet. For the vegan and the vegan-curious, here’s a breakdown of the incredible foodie revolution of plant-based cuisine.

Veganism is Good for the Earth

Did you know it's possible to save the world by eating better? Going vegan is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint and spread a little kindness across the globe. The meat industry produces a startling amount of pollutants and a key contributor to global warming. A single commercial feedlot can produce tons of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Just two pounds of beef generates more greenhouse gas emissions than driving a car for three hours and consumes more energy than leaving the lights on -- a fact that would make your dad wince. After all, we're not made of money and neither is the planet! A compassionate diet is also the best way to live ethically. No matter how you slice it, animals raised for meat and dairy are subject to cruel conditions and inhumane slaughter. Even seemingly "free-range" products contain enough deceptive loopholes to hide the fact that chickens, cows, and pigs are typically crammed together in tight, dirty enclosures, pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones, and harvested when they've outlived their use for milk and eggs. With so many reasons to choose compassion, it's no wonder vegan living has taken the world by storm.

Veganism is Good for You

Turns out, eating your veggies really was the ticket to great health. A plant-based diet provides a wealth of benefits for people as well as the animals and the environment we love. A vegan diet is heart-healthy, dense in Omega-3's, and low in harmful saturated fats commonly found in red meat. Chucking the meat has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of heart disease and manage chronic heart conditions to maintain optimal health and wellness. The high nutrient content and low caloric value of plant-based foods is also great for maintaining fitness and supporting weight loss. Other benefits of a cruelty-free lifestyle include reduced inflammation, improved energy, and a reduced risk of certain types of cancer. The chemicals and antibiotics found in meat are highly carcinogenic. Combined with the poor nutrition of processed beef, chicken, and pork as well as the high consumption of these foods, the carnivorous life takes a heavy toll on overall wellness. Choosing the veggie journey allows for a greater diversity of food and with that improved fitness and health.

Veganism is Good for Your Tastebuds

Going "crunchy" doesn't mean gnawing on granola bars and choking down raw kale. Plant-based diet options were limited back in the days when going vegan was still as radical a notion as Woodstock. Nowadays, the popularity of a cruelty-free lifestyle is far more common, prompting restaurants and brands to offer an array of delicious options, from vegan snacks to 5-star meals. Apps like Happy Cow are perfect for finding vegan and vegetarian restaurants anywhere in the world. This means you don't have to compromise on taste when traveling abroad or simply exploring new eats around town. While making your own vegan cuisine is a great way to spend a weekend night in, the growing popularity of plant-based foods means there's no need to be a master chef in order to stick to a vegan lifestyle. Healthy, wholesome convenience foods are sweeping the grocery store shelves, including fabulously nutritious, all-natural road trip snacks like Rob's dairy-free, sorghum Cheddar Puffs. Enjoy all of your favorite comfort foods and go-to munchies without the junk in "junk food." Learn more about the vegan snack revolution with Rob and friends!
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