Getting Back to Your Roots: Beetroot Powder Benefits

It's time to get back to your roots, the humble root vegetable is no longer humble! In the past, root veggies were just a simple staple of hearty winter stews, rustic side dishes, and peasant foods around the world. They have been underestimated and now they are ready to own their power! All too often, root vegetables are regarded as simple, starchy "fillers", ingredients that simply make meals more filling, without any other benefits. If you feel this way... you'll change your mind once you discover the power of the beet! The truth is, root vegetables are not just delicious, but they have a ton of health benefits and have a rightful place as a daily staple of the vegan diet. So of course, it’s part of the Vegan Rob’s delicious yet nutritious line of snacks flavors.

Health Benefits of Root Vegetables

According to Dr. Susan E Brown, root vegetables are packed full of health benefits, including: ● Packed with nutrition. Root vegetables store their nutrients in (where else?) the roots. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a great source of natural energy. ● Full of fiber. Root vegetables are high in fiber, which promotes good digestive health and improves the stability of our blood sugar. ● Excellent source of minerals. Because they are in such close contact with the soil, root vegetables are especially high in minerals. They are a great source of potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. ● High in healthy carbs. Root vegetables are rich in gut-healthy "resistant" starches. These starches aren't easily digested, so they remain intact in the body, feeding your digestive bacteria and slowly releasing beneficial short-chain fatty acids. In fact, a Europe-wide dietary study found that people who eat high quantities of root vegetables have reduced risk for diabetes, so don't be afraid to get back to your roots.

The Boost of Beets

Want to know why we put beets center stage in our Beef Puffs? It seems wild, but it’s cause we know the power these little red roots have! Among root vegetables, beets have held a place of honor since ancient times. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite famously used beets to preserve her timeless beauty, and the Oracle of Delphi praised the mystical powers of beets. Of course, beets are high in the nutrients found in other root vegetables, like fiber, Vitamin C, folate, and magnesium. But their distinctive red color is caused by special compounds that are unique to beets, and scientists are excited about the health benefits that are unique to beets. Some of the exceptional nutrients in beets include: ● Betaine. Betaine is what causes the rich color of beets, and it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. It helps promote healthy cells and protects them from oxidative damage. ● Nitrates. The nitrates in beets expand blood vessels, improving blood pressure and potentially even boosting performance during exercise. ● High in potassium and boron. Beets are especially high in essential nutrients like heart-healthy potassium and brain-boosting boron. Although beets are famously sweet, and often used to produce sugar, natural beets are also extremely high in fiber making keeping themselves low on the glycemic index despite their sweet flavor. Beet juice and beetroot powder are more concentrated than whole beets, so many of the health benefits of beets are even more potent in these foods. Beets can be enjoyed roasted, in salads, and in soups. Beet juice is delicious alone or in smoothies and even cocktails. Use beet puree to make a vegan and naturally colored vivid red velvet cake, or enjoy beets as a healthy and delicious snack with Vegan Rob's Beet Puffs. Once you start exploring the many ways to enjoy beets, you unlock a whole new culinary experience in flavors, textures, and colors, while enjoying the healthy benefits to your mind and body. It's time to go a little deeper, dig down, and uncover your roots. And for more ways to thrive, subscribe to Vegan Rob's to get inside info on new products, coupons, free tastings, and more!
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